It is very dense, tough and strong, but also elastic – wood. Its density is 0.75 gr/m3 and heat capacity is 5,6MWh/t.This is because it is a hardwood, and has excellent burning properties, including:

Ash logs last much longer than softwoods when burned in stoves or open fires
When burned, it turns into a bright red glow, with high heat output
It has few knots, so sparks less than other woods
Burns completely, and leaves very little ash
Less smoke emitted so chimneys are cleaner
Our ash firewood has the best quality, because it is dried mechanically. Ash firewood is possible to get in different packaging’s: 1m3 and 2m3 boxes. Usually, we do not sell ash firewood in bags, but it is possible to arrange it as well according to your requirements.

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