Visiting Clients or Client Who wants to Visit:

Any Client who which to visit our factory most send the following information:


  • Stating the reason for your visit,
  • The date of which the client wish to visit.
  • Number of persons visiting.
  • Full Names.
  • Passport Photos.
  • How long you will be staying
  • Where will you be staying
  • If invitation is need from us the Client has to pay for it
  • If assistance is need for visa, the client has to pay for it
  • All this information should be send to our email
  • This information will be forwarded to our Security team and the Immigration office for proper checkup and clarity, and if all is good, within a week or 2, an approve email will send back to the client before visiting.
  • We will tell when it will be appropriate and where you will visit, all this information will be send to you before you visit
  • Before arrival the client must notify us on the exact date he/she will be arriving by sending a flight Ticket. And even Hotel booking for Security reason.