About Us

Global Woods Group Also Known as  Global Woods Group llc (GWGLLC) in the last 10 years has been Processing and Supply Wood Products for Furniture, Construction, and Bio Energy Etc.

Established in 2009, the company holds Three Processing Factory platform sites, Global Woods Group (GWGLLC)  ,is a Ukrainian Company Legally Authorize to supply wood product from Log to Lumber right to Bio Energy with Sub Branches  , , With the Intention to be the best national Supplier of Wood products of very high quality ,
Since 2007 Global Woods Group (GWGLLC)  was form, it was first Call, the Wood Group when it was national and was not a registered company, and in 2009 the company become registered and in 2010, The company goes global and the name was then change to Global Woods Group (GWGLLC) with the aim of moving into Germany and Poland.

Now we are looking to set up factory and offices in these 2 Countries and other countries.

We see the Future very bright for Global Woods Group (GWGLLC) .

Our Objective


Since Global Woods Group(GWGLLC) was created from Wood Group to Global Woods Group (GWGLLC) our main desire has always been to ensure that we are the best first supplier of wood products within Ukraine and we are getting there as every day passes

What can you expect from us

The best of quantity, the best of services, Trust, Share of Idea, Reliability.

Is what every of our client, out there should expect from us and will get from us.You are important to us and we are Important to you and together we can make the Future more Brighter like the early Morning Sun. We can do this,

Our Motor: Never be left behind


I will answer that question for you our clients. You choose us because we are and will always be the best, we understand your needs and we are here to provide them just like you want, Quality and Reliability is our definition


Global Woods Group(GWGLLC) , Has been Tested and Proven to to be reliable and trustworthy of our quality, Services and Reliability, We have never fail, in any of our sector


Global Woods Group (GWGLLC)  is here to help you get to your goal and you are there to help us meet our objective, your our mutual help, we will attend the height we never expected.

Trust in our believe in each other


We are Inspire by the need to provide the best, when we see our Clients

Happy of the quality received, It only give us the peace to work more harder.

Smile on your face is the smile for all of us


Global Woods Group(GWGLLC)  has Come a long way, although not very Old, but we have seen our own share of failures, and Success, our story was complicated from the start, but we are now on the track of greatness, and the future looks, more assure with your trust in us




Board of Directors




To be part of our team please send your CV to info@employglobal.com

We believe that future challenges cannot be solved by one expertise, where we have an objective to develop innovative solutions for our clients.

This is to ensure that our standard keep traveling upward and not the other way round,